Ego causes thought.

A collection of my research work and thoughts written down in a slightly manic manner for my (or yours) entertainment.

CW - Creative Writing
RA - Research Article

This is not a blog, nor this is a collection of serious writings. Literature means a world to me, and thus appears in most of my work - both design and literary form. Some of these paragraphs reflect my design thinking, some are simply chapters from bigger work, some are opinions and some are a flow of consciousness. 

2019 RA-(Long read)
Today we are living in the world where fear and doubt are being condemned to the ever-lasting flight down the void.

2019 CW-(Short read)
I’m on a maniac hunt for that part of our consciousness that is left only in our desires. Does it exist?

2018 CW-(Short read)
I was thinking today of people who like sour over sweet. What is it exactly that attracts them to it - I know little of.  

2018 CW-(Short read)
At any moment this reticence could be murdered with an intensive sudden noise. But not yet. It felt as if Tedo was chained to the bed and mattress was swallowing him, making his disguise even trickier in order to falcon into the door when silence is murdered.

2018 CW-(Short read)
I still craved lemons, and that felt surprisingly usual.


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