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Tbilisi/GEO - Paris/FR

My name is Mariam Darchiashvili.

I am a Georgian graphic designer and art director, currently based in Europe. Having a multidisciplinary practice, offering a range of creative direction, design and curatorial services, I specialise particularly in typography, editorial & exhibition design as well as curation. Most of what i do is guided by a strong belief that our field has a responsibility for contributing to public visual culture and experience of life.

I thrive on dualities: past - present, darkness - light or culture - commerce. As someone with the background in both artistic research and conceptual design as well as cultural management and curation, I find it important to have a multifaceted view of any project, despite the field it originated from. Being enamoured with the world of art in all its forms, I believe in design practice having the potential for subjectivity, obscenity and mystery, which is why my personal work is deeply rooted in the past and naive; antiquity, renaissance and philosophy; and it is why I enjoy artistic and research driven projects. At the same time, understanding the functionality of cultural field, and the management side of its being, I believe that design for commercial purposes, luxurious or not - should not be devoid of an artistic and thoughtful approach either.

Outside my personal practice, my in-house experience working in the field of museology seasoned me in design of museum scenography, visual identity and creative direction in the context of cultural institutions and galleries. From graphic support for interior architects to art direction of visual identity, I garnered experience through numerous museological projects across the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

︎Art Direction & Concept Development
︎Branding & Visual Identity
︎Exhibition Design / Scenography
︎Editorial design
︎Print design
︎Web design

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- MBA, Arts & Cultural Management
IESA - Ecole Marché de l’art et Métiers de la Culture

- MSc, Arts & Cultural Management
PSB - Paris School of Business

- BA, Graphic Design
KABK - Royal Academy of Art

Experience out of personal practice:

- Lead Graphic Designer
(November 2021 - July 2023)
Avesta Group, Paris, FR

- Graphic Design and Communication Intern
(Summer-Fall 2021)
Avesta Group, Paris, FR

- Graphic Design & Research Intern
(Fall 2018)
S†ëfan Schäfer Design & Research Studio, Amsterdam, NL

Notable Projects:

- ‘Para-solitude: One as Many’︎︎︎
(September 2021 - Paris, FR)
Curated and produced an exhibition in Paris as part of a Diploma project for the MBA/MSc in Art&Cultural Management. A week-long show included artists such as Randa Maroufi, Société Réaliste, Violaine Lochu and Fayçal Baghriche. For more - feel free to check the projects page.

- ‘Models of Humanity’ for Amnesty International︎︎︎
(April 2018 - Amsterdam, NL)
Researched one of the Amnesty International’s cases for its 50th Year Anniversary; Created an art installation for the show, visually translating research results and interviews into an interactive artwork. 

- ‘Balance by Struggle’ for Kunstmuseum Den Haag︎︎︎
(September 2017 - The Hague, NL)
Curated, designed and organised an exhibition “Balance by Struggle” for the 100-year Anniversary of the “De Stijl” movement in Holland in 2017; Shared responsibility for concept development, production of artworks, budgeting, transportation and marketing stages of the process.
Exhibitions & shows:

- Performance as part of the ‘Dollenials Off The Page’
Kontra Rotterdam
(Rotterdam, NL) - 2019

- ‘Gospel Truth’
KABK Graduation Festival
(The Hague, NL) - 2019

- Models of Humanity
Commissioned by Amnesty International
(Amsterdam, NL) - 2018

- Save_As_Expo2 ‘Fertilising Impotent Gardens’
Commisioned by Studio 165
(The Hague, NL) - 2017

- ‘Balance by Struggle’  
Kunstmuseum The Hague
(The Hague, NL) - 2017

- ‘Electro Library’
Royal Academy of Art, KABK
(The Hague, NL) - 2017

- ‘Somewhere in Between Fiction & Future’
KABK x De Besturing
(The Hague, NL) - 2017


- ‘Formal and Functional’
In a framework of "Balance By Struggle" exhibition
(The Hague, NL) - 2017

- ‘Consolidating Sound and Image’  
In a framework of educational project "Sfera"
(Moscow, RU) - 2017

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