Trialogue, Piet Mondriaan

Book Design

This publication is a modern reprint of Mondrian’s work that followed an installation with a performance and a poster (see video below), all created in collaboration with Yeon Sung and Dominika Fojtikova. The project served as a metaphorical time machine that would allow the performer to ask questions to Mondrian from Trialogue (being the Abstract-Real painter) and the Layman. This book represents ideas of the New Man through combining two contrasting media - online digital platform with traditional printing techniques such as mono-printing.

“Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) created both paintings and writings that embodied the spirit of modernism. Mondrian saw himself as an arch-Modernist with uncompromisingly strong ideas about what art was to be about in the next century. He viewed abstraction as the ideal artistic and spiritual direction, and argued this cause in his most important text, "Natural Reality and Abstract Reality." Mondrian's Trialogue carefully presents the artist's ideas through the voices of A Layman, A Naturalist Painter, and An Abstract-Real Painter. Abstraction contains, Mondrian proposes, the essence of what art of all the ages sought to express - relationship, harmony, repose, life force, the universal. In the Trialogue, Mondrian demonstrates the basis of his new art form in visible reality.” (Goodreads)