Poster Design

Stereo Typo is a project that was done at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2016 and that shows stereotypes in visual typography that shape daily life. It is a project that tells you to fit into. Or not. Each student developed their personal stereotypes in typography and researched it.

Monday mornings are familiar beasts to all of us, that no sward can slay unless it's hallowed with a decent amount of coffee. And it was the same old Monday morning with a sunshine screaming "Go back to your bed." To fight this thoughts I entered a nearest cafe and as I was paying for my coffee I couldn't help but suddenly noticed all the receipts I had in my wallet. I was sad and grumpy and it stroke me - why are they all so identical? With all the printing technics, with the immense variety of typefaces? You design your logo, you design your interior, but you leave out the bill? And it`s not just the most legible writing on them. Is all the information needed there and why does it all disappear so soon? Is there any trick in the way they sound when you touch them? With all this questions and some fresh coffee I left the place and started my visual research.

For the full text and the visual research visit the website of the project.

This is a poster that followed an installation and research based on this topic.