D.O.P.E - Best Book Design Catalogue

Book Design

The D.O.P.E Project, that stands for the "Details of Printed Essence" is a collaboration of five students of the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (Netherlands), aiming at reconsidering the usual way of cataloguing books of the "Best Book Design" competition. In order to do so, we all brought in more that 50 books with a desire to create our own Top 10 Best Books and display them in a catalogue. As a result of our analysis we've created several nominations (chapters) which we found essential for this selection and in each of them - used scans of books as representations. Using scans, especially high-contrast scans - was a conscious decision in order to grasp the essence of the book, it's grid and content, this concept was also supported by the printing technique of Full-Color Risoprinting and use of different papers (the main one being highly-absorbent paper) - which resulted in ink sinking into pages, thus sealing the essence we wanted to show on the pages of our catalogue.

Produced in collaboration with: Kin Mun, Verena Hahn, Megin Hayden and Frank Hemmekam.